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General Event Information

Event Requires E Pluribus Unum Singularity Completion

Challenge Quest Requires Solomon Singularity Completion.

  • Other than the few main story quests, this event uses only BP for quests, you can do other things besides this Raid Event while waiting for BP to recharge.
  • You have a max capacity of 8 BP and you recharge 1 per hour with the event lasting a total of 8 days and 21 hours. 
  • You will start off with a full 8 BP Bar when the event starts, you will have 221 natural BP( 8 starting + 213 Natural Regen over the course of the event)
  • The event will also give you Regular and Golden Riceballs that refill your BP ( Regular refills 2, Golden refills 8).
  • Event rewards you with 32 Regular and 15 Golden Riceballs for a total of 184 additional BP.
  • You have approximately a total of 397 BP to use over the course of the entire event.
  • Event contains both Damage Point Rewards and Daily Mission Rewards.
  • To complete the entire Damage Point Rewards, you’ll need to deal 200 Million Damage against Ibaraki Boss.
  • Each day will have a specific set of mission for you to complete and they only last for a certain amount of time. So complete them before they expire! Pay attention to the mission expire dates!
  • Daily Missions consists of dealing a specific amount of damage points and beating raids 5 times a day.

Changes from the Original Event:

  • Battle Point Total has been reduced from 300 million to 200 million to compensate for the short duration of the event.
  • Addition of a new intermediary difficulty of 3 million HP for 2 BP.
  • Daily Mission damage point requirements reduced.
  • Losing the battle still rewards you points as long as you don’t withdraw from battle.
  • Hands and Minions now drop Ascension Materials in additional to the gourds. So make sure to kill them before you kill Ibaraki.
  • Event halved in duration but increased gourd drops to compensate.
  • Challenge Quest added which provides summon tickets and guaranteed ascension materials.

Raid Battle

The General Raid Battle consists of 2 waves:

  1. 3x Drunken Citizens(Varying Class)
  2. 2x Ibaraki Hands(Varying Class) + Ibaraki Douji(Berserker)

NOTE: When battling Ibaraki you have 15 maximum turns to beat Ibaraki or survive until those 15 turns are up.

You will still earn points even if you lose AS LONG AS YOU DON’T WITHDRAW FROM BATTLE.

  • Drunken Citizens and Ibaraki Hands changes class depending on the date and the Drop Sources of Gourds and Ascension Materials
  • Ibaraki drops CEs at a low chance.
  • Ibaraki has a special AOE debuff skill effect depending on the date as well

There are 4 different difficulty levels for Raid Battles:

Raid Runs required to complete 200 Million Point Ladder:

Without using SQ to refill BP, you CANNOT COMPLETE the 200 Million Damage if you don’t do at least 3 BP2 Raid battles(3 million HP) and use up the remaining BP for only BP2 Raid Battles(1million HP)

Progression Steps:

*If you have already done the original event, just simply Farm the highest Raid you can and make sure to keep track of your daily missions.

  1. Roll Friend Point/SQ Gatcha for Gourd Drop Increase CE’s and equip any that you get to your team and support until you get Damage boosting Event CE’s.
  2. Clear the Prologue Main Quests.
  3. Grind for Gourds on BP2 Ibaraki Raids and buy out the Shop CE ASAP. (Make sure to Kill the Hands before you kill Ibaraki or else you will miss out on Gourds and Ascension Materials!)
  4. By the time you have bought out the CE’s from the Shop you should be fairly close to getting your 5th copy from the damage mission rewards. (You can do BP1, if you cannot handle BP2. Move up to BP2 when you get some CE’s)
  5. Immediately Max limit Break the Shop CE and equip it on your Main Damage Dealer. (This will increase attack power boost from 200% to 300%)
  6. At this point you can easily continue to Farm BP2 for the Golden Carp CE(Boosts damage for entire team) and either stick with 3 million or 6 million Raids.(I would recommend you have MLB Wandering Tales + at least 2 Golden Carp CEs for BP3 and BP2 3 Million)
  7. Make sure to complete the Mission Set given to you for the time period you’re in before they expire, otherwise you will lose those potential rewards for good. Remember to do at least 5 Raids a day as all Daily Mission require you to do 5 Raids.
  8. Make sure to do the limited time Boss Battles before they expire for some more rewards. (Boss Battles unlock each time Global HP reduced to zero)
  9. In general you’ll want to have done at least 3 to 4 of the BP2 3 million Raids and then you can go easy with 1 Million Raids if you’re feeling lazy. I would recommend farming 3 Million BP2 Raids as they provide a good balance between good drop rewards and difficulty. If you do nothing but the 3 Million Raids, you will have finished the Entire 200 Million Point Ladder with a day or two remaining, Without having to use any riceballs.
  10. Once you have cleared all the Main Quests. It is time to face off against Ibaraki and her 14 Arms in her CQ.

           Ibaraki starts off immune to damage and requires you to kill her Arms to even touch her. As you destroy her Arms, Ibaraki will inflict Debuffs that are the same as the one you experienced in the Raid Battles.

Team and Support Information

  • Having a proper team of 2 or 3 Supports with 1 Boosted Damage Dealer would be ideal.
  • Chaldea Combat Uniform will come very hand for this event as this will allow you to stack support servant buffs to power up your Main Damage Dealer to the Max

You can generally use the information below as a basis for setting up your Support Formation:

If you lack a good damage dealer, find a friend with a strong damage dealer like the ones listed above with the Proper Damage increase CE.

If you lack good supports, find a friend with a good support like the ones listed above with the proper Team Damage Increase CE.

  1. Ideally, you would probably do BP2 for gourds and materials as you can easily kill both Ibaraki and the Hands.The first wave are monoclass mobs with around 10-28k HP that are trivial to deal with. Use this wave to help build up NP for your Main Damage Dealer.
  2. You can kill Ibaraki without having to go for the hands, the battle will be over if you kill Ibaraki, but if you don’t kill the hands you miss out on gourds and ascension materials. (If you have more than 2 supports, use the Chaldea combat uniform to swap out a support that has used up its buffs for a new support for even more buffs!)
  • BP3 is much tougher and spending time trying to kill hands without an AOE Servant gives more opportunities for Ibaraki to wipe out your Team.
  • If the Hands are gone, Ibaraki can attack multiple times and kill a servant or two if she starts dealing critical damage.


Daily Missions: