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General Information

  • Onigashima is broken down into 2 parts: The Raid Battles for Damage Points and Free Quests for event currency farming.
  • This Event provides you with a new 4* Welfare Servant – Sakata Kintoki(Rider) – one of the best Welfare AND Rider Servants in the game. This is your last opportunity to get him, so don’t miss this event.
  • One of the Best Free CE’s in the game, Golden Sumo CE, will be given to you in this event as well so make sure to get it.
  • Onigashima raids work just like Rashomon raids only much easier due to Damage Bonused Servants and a plethora of power boost mechanics that make the raids trivially easy. 
  • The Overall Progress of this Event will Depend on how quickly the Global Server can take down the Bosses. You will have limited time at initial stages to hurt each boss until they are defeated.
  • However once the last Boss is defeated, all the previous bosses will return for you to Battle against once again.
  • The Rerun Version plays nearly identically to the original with the exception of more damage bonus servants and an addition of a Challenge Quest. 

Access to an Excel Sheet Version of the Guide can be found here: Excel Sheet Guide


All Raid Battles are 2 Stage Battles, Stage 1 being Oni Minions(Berserker), Stage 2 being the Raid Boss with Sub Bosses. If you kill the Raid Boss, the battle will end even if you don’t kill the Sub Bosses on the Stage.

BP System

  • Just like the Rashoumon Event, you use BP to do Raid Battles instead of AP. You run on a 8 BP Bar with a 1 BP recharge per hour.
  • Where will be BP Refill Items for you to use. Dumplings of Courage will refill 2 BP while Golden Millet Dumplings will refill 8 BP.

Damage Bonuses

Onigashima proves a substantial amount of damage bonuses that will help you clear the Event easily. The following damage bonuses are:

  1. Damage boost for all Japanese Servants(Check Infographic for Bonus Servants)
  2. Craft Essence Damage boost: Golden Sumo and Hot Spring of the Moon provide substantial damage bonus to your team.
  3. Card Type Booster Beans – Consumable Special Bean Items that provide +50% Card Effective to the matching type.
  4. Additional Damage Bonus when fighting in Raids: 


  • Tip: You’re going to be switching back and forth between BP Raiding and AP Quests constantly, So its recommended to setup multiple teams specifically for raiding and for doing Main/Free Quests.
  • Your priority will be to buy out the Shop CE and then MLB to equip on your main damage dealer.
  • Make sure to collect the CEs from the Damage Missions and stick them on your Raid team for more damage.
  • You will get Beans to use from Shops/Free Quests that you can use at your discretion against the Raid Boss.
  • Its generally advised that you don’t bother trying to use the Beans to Negate their Resistance and instead boost damage that they are not resistant to.
  • Exceptions are when you have Servants that deal very high damage to make it worth negating that resist.
  • Always go for the highest level of Raid you can beat. With the abundance of Damage Bonuses, even the 6 Million Raids will be trivially easy for most players. 
  • Its best to wait until you unlock the Rakshasa Difficulty after clearing Extra Act to really farm for Event Currency. Save your apples until the end. Raids and just clearing Quests should give you quite a bit of event currency by themselves. Farm the rest afterwards.


  1. Roll Friend Point Gatcha for the 3 Star CE’s
  2. Equip 3 Star CE’s to your Team and load up on any hard hitting Japanese Servants to use.
  3. Clear the Act 1 Main Quests.
  4. Clear the Act 2 Main Quests to unlock a temporary copy of Kintoki Rider.
  5. Go to Act 3 to watch a cutscene – no battles here – unlocks Stage 1 Raid Battles(Quick-Resist Caster Male Demon Boss).
  6. Spend your some of your BP doing the toughest Raid Battle you can do without Damage CE’s (For Most Experienced Players ~ 3-6Mil Stages. For Newer Players ~ 100-300K Stages)
  7. While you wait for your BP to recharge, use your AP and start Clearing all the Free Quest available to you (Make sure to equip appropriate Drop CEs to maximize your gain).
  8. While you have BP and AP, work on the beating down the Raid Boss and Farming any of the available Free Quest that provide you with the Event Currency you need the most while waiting for the Boss to die.
  9. Once the Raid Boss is knocked down Globally, within 10 minutes the Act 4 Free Quest will be available for you to complete.
  10. Clear Act 4-8 Main Quest to Unlock Stage 2 Raid Battles(Art-Resist Saber Male Demon Boss)
  11. Same thing as the previous steps, stomp the Raid Boss, clear the Free Quests, Farm areas with the best Event Currency Drop you need while you wait for the Boss to die.
  12. Once the Stage 2 Boss is down, Clear Act 9-11 to Unlock Stage 3 Raid Battles(Buster-Resist Rider Male Demon Boss)
  13. Repeat the Same Process as before.
  14. Once Stage 3 Boss is down, Clear Act 12-13 to Unlock the Final Stage Raid Battle(No-Resists Female Riding Divine Demon Berserker Boss)
  15. As usual Raid, Clear Free Quests, Farm for Event Currency until Raid Boss is beaten.
  16. Clear Act 14 to Make Kintoki Rider Permanent!
  17. Watch Extra Act Cutscene to unlock New Rakshasa Difficulty Free Quests and Returning Bosses Raid Quests.
  18. Beatdown the Extra Battle Raid Bosses and their Respective Main EX Stage Quests when beaten.
  19. Farm the Rakshasa Difficulty Locations or Summit to finish clearing out the Event Shop.
  20. Congratulations you have beaten then event! Now get ready for the upcoming Summer Events!


Support Setup Recommendation

  • This listing is only a recommendation and not an absolute requirement, you are free work with whatever you see fit.
  • As with most events, Support Casters such as Waver and Merlin will see high usage followed by Bonus Offense Event Servants such as Raikou and Rider Kintoki. 


Quest Enemy Composition

Listing of all Enemy Compositions in all Main and Free Quest:



  • Its advised that you should focus on farming Event Currency AFTER Beating Extra Stage which unlocks Rakshasa difficulty. Rakshasa have the best drop amounts for the Event Currency. 
  • Raids will also provide you with a good source of Event Currency. Therefore farming Free Quests for Event Currency is not needed as much compared to other Events. 

Farming Raids:

Free Quest Farming:



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