General Event Information

  • Event Period: 2019-04-23 04:00 – 05-15 20:59 PDT
  • Players must have cleared Solomon Singularity in order to participate.
  • This Event is a 100 Mission Reward Event which is similar to Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/Zero Event.
  • This Event will provide you with the opportunity to obtain 4* Welfare Servant “BB”, who is a one of a kind Moon Cancer Servant.
  • Do not miss this event or you may have to wait more than 2 years for another opportunity to get BB!
  • There are 3 different types of Event Currency in this event:
    Sakura Chips Purchase ascension materials
    Sakura Money Purchase keys for unlocking quests
    KP Purchase weakening effects for the Final Event Boss
  • Sakura Chips are obtained from quest drops while Sakura Money and KP can only be obtained from clearing missions – spend the Money and KP Wisely.
  • Event will provide you with 2 different Event Craft Essences for free:
    Someday in Summer(5*) Increase Spawn Rate of Sakura Enemies by 20%(50% MLB).
    First Premonition(4*) Increase Sakura Chip Drop +1(+2 MLB)
  • Someday in Summer can be obtained from clearing the following missions: 10, 14, 38, 58, and 93.
  • First Premonition can be bought 5 times for 300 Sakura Chips Each.
  • There will also be 3* EXP CE’s – “BB Shot!” which can be used to power up your CE’s and will be given as rewards or drops.
  • CE’s that increase Spawn Rate of Specific Enemies works by giving you a chance to double the number of the specific enemy type. This amount caps at 100% which means that there is no point of going beyond 100% spawn rate bonus.
  • The Event will be filled with numerous bosses that features various mechanics including break bars. But if you can clear Solomon, then this event is not too difficult.
  • There will be a Final Boss that will have numerous powerups and multiple stages of break bars. Purchasing weakening items with KP will make the boss much easier. Though if you do enjoy a challenge, you can reset the KP Shop and get your spent KP fully refunded, allowing you to buy or not to buy weakening effects.

Advice and Recommendation

  • The First 5 days will be time gated. It is ill-advised to use your apples and instead use only your Natural AP to fulfill mission requirements while waiting for the next set of Main Quest ACT’s to unlock.
  • Spend your Sakura Money WISELY by following the directions on the walkthrough. DO NOT BUY ANY KEY THAT YOU DO NOT NEED AT THE TIME. (Especially do not buy the Ankle Key until the later stages). Running out of Sakura Money and not being able to buy the Key you need will significantly slow down your progression and will require you to grind inefficiently in order to complete missions to get more money to buy keys. 
  • Once you obtained 5 copies of Someday in Summer(5*) immediately Max Limit Break it and run it alongside a friend with a MLB CE to get 100% double Sakura Enemy Spawns.
  • Assuming you follow the walkthrough, it should cost up to 4670 AP to beat the entire event and all its 100 missions. At 288 Natural AP Regen Per day, you can beat the entire event in 16-17 days out of the 22-23 days of the event with Natural AP Alone. So there is not need to use Apples unless you want to farm ascension materials.
  • The Event will be bonus servants that will increase your Sakura Chip drop bonus +1 or +2. You can use the Event Servant Filter to see which servants provide you that bonus. You can also consult the Infographic for more details.
  • Don’t worry too much about trying to get double spawns at an early stage. There are much more efficient quests that come later on and you will have long finished the enemy kill requirements without needing to use spawn increase CE’s. 
  • When doing the Boss Wanted quests(Ones with the pink/purple platform icon that need a key) don’t worry about spawn/event currency bonuses. Instead, just focus on using a team to deal with the boss. 
  • Save fighting the Boss Til the very end once you have purchased all the KP items in the shop. Melt’s Whip item will make the boss fights significantly easier as it will prevent the Final Boss from transforming and turning it into a much longer battle. 
  • Later on once you unlocked the “Weakness Ear” Free Quest, you will be able to efficiently farm for Sakura Chips using the free CE’s that you obtained from the event. 

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