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  • BB is the one and only Moon Cancer in the Game.
  • Moon Cancer is a Special Extra Class that joins the game along with the new Alter Ego Class.
  • Moon Cancer deals double damage against Avenger Class Servants and takes halved damage from them.
  • Moon Cancer deals halved damage against Ruler Class Servants and takes double damage from them.
  • The Class relationship is best understood as a Class Triangle similar to the Knight and Cavalry Class Servants.

Servant Capabilities

  • BB can be best considered a support servant with some offensive capabilities.
  • Despite her low offensive stats, her ability to perform well in Arts Teams combined with Guaranteed NP5 Single Target Damage and Crit Damage is more than enough for dealing with Avengers. 
  • BB possesses some of the best support skills in the game. Her ability to remove debuffs, provide heal, and apply immunity to one ally is something that no other servant can do in a single skill. 
  • Her second skill is also phenomenal with the ability to strip away annoying invincibility and evasion on top of stunning the enemy. This will come especially handy in Challenge Quests where bosses tend to spam evade/invincibility frequently. 
  • Her third skill provides a strong 3-turn Crit Damage and Star Absorption for her. This allows her to deal significant damage against Avengers despite her low 8,197 Attack. 
  • BB’s NP not only deals strong single target damage as an NP5 Welfare Servant, but also reduces the enemy’s debuff resist and provides a fantastic 20% NP Charge to the entire team including herself. 
  • BB’s QQAAB deck provides good NP Gain and Decent Star Generation. Combined with her 5-hit Arts NP, BB can perform NPAA chains that can quickly refund her NP and have it available again the next turn. Her deck lets her perform in Arts teams especially with Tamamo to stack NP charges by NP Chaining. 

Obtaining BB

  • Don’t miss out on getting this unique and rare servant. You may have to wait two years for another opportunity to get her.
  • You will first obtain BB once you have beaten the Final Boss of this Event in the Epilogue Main Quest.
  • You will then be able to obtain the additional copies and Memory Ribbon ascension materials in the following:
BB Copy Memory Ribbon
Mission 80 Mission 75
Mission 81 Mission 79
Mission 82 Mission 84
Mission 83 Mission 99