Agartha Sub-Singularity II

  • All Female Servants and Gender Ambiguous Servants Receive Double Bond Points when Completing Main Story Quests for this Singularity.
  • The Event can be completed in nearly 3 days of Natural AP Regen(288 AP per day) so you can pace yourself and not need to use any apples.
  • Majority of the minions will be Amazon Warriors and Female Pirates.
  • A great majority of bosses you will face are the Banner Servants of the Singularity, so having Anti-Female and Anti-Divine capabilities will come in handy.
  • Singularity has the Best Free Quest Drops for the Following Items: Wine, Grease, Bicorn Horn, Octuplet Crystal, Serpent Jewel, and a viable place to Farm Feathers.

 Infographic Courtesy of Kevinrealk: